Start And Grow Your Business In The Right Direction

Business owners pour tremendous time and energy into their company. Your business is or will be your livelihood, and you have probably spent years planning and working toward it. However, business law and operations are complicated. You need to make sure you are starting right and moving in a positive, sustainable direction.

We Account For Every Aspect Of A Company’s Needs

Lanier Fountain & Ceruzzi assists North Carolina entrepreneurs and business owners with a number of needs at all stages of a company’s life. Some of our services include:

  • Startups
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Contract drafting
  • Contract disputes/business litigation
  • Ongoing advice and legal help

Our attorneys will look out for your best interests at every step of the process. We can help you successfully begin a business and draft documents that protect you legally. If a dispute arises that involves your business, we have the ability to initiate or defend civil litigation on behalf of your business.

Ongoing Support For Your Business

One of the most beneficial pieces of our services is our ongoing relationship with you. We can continue to offer advice as your business grows, as well as provide annual reports and assistance with any modifications, sales or mergers you want to undergo. Our clients have found this relationship to be invaluable as they encounter legal needs or questions down the line.

Every business can benefit from a skilled lawyer. We are happy to discuss legal questions with you or move you in the right direction if you have encountered legal difficulties with your company.

To schedule a consultation, please contact us online or call 910-939-3585. We are located in Jacksonville and help clients with their business law needs in Onslow County as well as our surrounding counties.