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Guidance Through Any Real Estate Matter

Any real estate matter, from buying a home to developing commercial land, is complicated.   You should always seek advice from a skilled real estate attorney who understands the process.

At Lanier Fountain & Ceruzzi, we have experience in a wide variety of residential and commercial real estate matters. Some of the areas we handle include:

  •  Residential Purchase Agreements
  • VA/FHA/Small Business/USDA Loans
  • 1031 Tax Free Exchange
  • Zoning and title issues
  • Residential/Commercial /Power of Attorney Closings
  • Condemnations
  •  Commercial Purchase Agreements
  • Commercial and Residential Leases
  • Inherited Property
  •  Boundary line disputes
  • Easements/Encroachments

A Firm Experienced In This Community

At our Law Firm, we have been handling real estate matters in North Carolina for decades. We have the experience and understanding of real estate patterns in Eastern North Carolina. Turn to our well-established firm for your real estate needs because the process for handling these matters can be complex.  We are also experienced in helping our Military navigate the home buying process, even if they are still deployed.  Our firm is here to assist you with your real estate transactions from vacant land to investment property.

Having our attorneys assist with drafting and reviewing of your real estate contracts will help minimize disputes, protect your interests, and ensure that the transaction is legally sound.

Our attorneys understand local zoning regulations and requirements. We can assist you with the rezoning process and help secure the necessary approvals for rezoning property.

Our role in condemnation proceedings is to advise you on your rights, negotiate with governmental agencies on compensation, and represent you in court proceedings, if necessary.  We will ensure that the condemnation process is conducted fairly and in compliance with legal requirements.

We can help you in disputes related to property ownership, boundaries, leases, construction defects, and more. Our attorneys will negotiate settlements, represent you in mediation or court proceedings, and seek resolutions that best serve you. Our expertise and advocacy skills are essential in resolving conflicts and protecting your rights.

Our client relationships are very important to us, which means you will receive our full attention and dedication throughout the process.  We will keep you informed and ensure that you are confident about the measures being taken on your behalf.

If you would like to schedule a consultation to discuss your real estate needs, please contact us online or Call Today. We are located in Jacksonville and help clients with their real estate needs in Onslow, Pender, Carteret, Jones, and Craven Counties