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Could an SSD application receive a fast-track approval?

On Behalf of | Aug 7, 2021 | SSDI

Social Security Disability insurance may assist a North Carolina resident unable to work. While a physical or mental disability may make it impossible to remain employed, life expenses don’t go away. Sometimes, those expenses deliver an immediate impact on someone’s financial stability. The Social Security Administration maintains a “fast-track policy” to expedite applications, and anyone interested in immediate results could explore available options.

Moving faster with an SSD application

Not everyone qualifies for a fast-tracked application, but the Compassionate Allowances program covers 242 eligible conditions. The number could change, so reviewing current regulations seems advisable for those wondering if they qualify.

That said, the SSA maintains an automated software system designed to flag qualified applicants. If the program matches a qualifying condition with an application, the applicant might things receive faster processing.

It might be possible to expedite Supplemental Security Income benefits as well. However, approvals come with no guarantees, and applicants must legitimately qualify.

Submitting a complete application

Any problems with an SSD application could do more than lead to a processing delay. The application may face denials, further putting off the ability to receive benefits.

SSD applications require evidence that supports medical claims. Insufficient evidence won’t likely help an applicant’s case. An appeals process exists, but someone hoping for an expedited approval may not feel pleased about any initial denials.

Putting together an SSD application could be more involved than an inexperienced person thinks. Assuming that an incomplete application is “good enough” might court disaster. Working with an attorney who understands the process may result in presenting a more thorough application.

Last, what happens when someone’s condition doesn’t fall under the currently approved ones? The SSA allows people to request special consideration for expedited approval. The SSA may not rule in the applicant’s favor, but at least there might be a chance it will.